Saturday, April 13, 2013


About a year after the disappointing conclusion of Twin Peaks, David Lynch and TP co-creator Mark Frost entered the world of sitcoms with On The Air.  David Lynch and a sitcom?  Yes, but don't panic.  It's not your standard multi-camera studio audience affair.  On The Air was the kind of sitcom that only David Lynch could create, and, unfortunately, the kind of sitcom that only David Lynch fans could love.

On The Air revolves around the production of a live variety show called The Lester Guy Show.  Lester is pompous and vain, and the station and production are run by the kind of characters that could only exist in a Lynchian world.  This leads to absurd conflict.  I think it leads to hilarious conflict, but this is not an opinion shared by many.  PROOF:  ABC only aired three of the seven episodes of On The Air.  In Minnesota it was replaced by episodes of She's The Sheriff.  Ouch.

Good ol' youtube.  Now you can watch all seven episodes completely Suzanne Somers free!


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